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broken souls of the modern age

Materialism and conformity are killing you

You have to ignore your manufactured appetite for material possessions. Your vain quest to impress your neighbor is fucking killing your soul and making you depressed. Northwestern University found that people who place great value on wealth, status and material possessions are more likely to be depressed and anti-social than the rest of us. It’s not a secret…

new year crowd and fireworks

New Year…..

it’s the last day of what’s considered the “year” and the rats are here to feast on the remains what a year, what a devastating year they cry, you can see it — the defeat in the eyes, the fear, the monotony of ravaged lives jam-packed in shopping centers trying to consume their way out…

studena lake bulgaria

I want to get away….

I want to  get  away from everything we’ve become! Away from a culture where the shopping malls are full and the souls are empty Away from the glittering billboards and crammed highways Away from the political strife and the senseless discord Away from the nine-to-five men who build lavish man caves in heavily mortgaged homes…