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broken society cellphone zombies

Connection lost…

The world has just become so inhuman. Everyone is plugged in. Blindingly articulate. Obsessed with money and careers. So stupid and so arrogantly content… I can’t talk to them. I fight them. I want to destroy them even. I crave interaction. I CRAVE IT! But you can’t have it anymore. They pull out their devices…

studena lake bulgaria

I want to get away….

I want to  get  away from everything we’ve become! Away from a culture where the shopping malls are full and the souls are empty Away from the glittering billboards and crammed highways Away from the political strife and the senseless discord Away from the nine-to-five men who build lavish man caves in heavily mortgaged homes…

childhood trauma

The Boy Made Of Glass

It feels quite warming to see that someone actually really understands your pain to the very bottom! The inner child is in each of us. In the moments we lash out, fear abandonment, or shut down completely. So often these moments with partners (feel) so intense in the present moment, because we are re-experiencing the…