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  • Author: Stefan Hadzhistoykov

Зомби апокалипса на ковидиотите

Цяла година измина от старта на най-големия цирк в историята на човечеството и масата ковидиоти продължава да вярва в тази монументална измама. Някои даже са толкова поробени и промити, че ходят с по две маски и даже карат колела и тичат в парка с маска….. Нереално е да го ЕВА……Как може да си толкова смазан…

broken souls of the modern age

Materialism and conformity are killing you

You have to ignore your manufactured appetite for material possessions. Your vain quest to impress your neighbor is fucking killing your soul and making you depressed. Northwestern University found that people who place great value on wealth, status and material possessions are more likely to be depressed and anti-social than the rest of us. It’s not a secret…

shut up and listen

Do you talk too much?

Some people just talk too god damn much and they hardly ever say anything. They are so scared and afraid of silence, because when it’s quiet they have to listen to their internal bullshit and deal with it They also don’t know that talking interrupts your natural way of breathing and last but not least…