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  • Author: Stefan Hadzhistoykov

It’s not about being happy

However small, however hidden it might be, you gotta keep that thing burning! People say it’s all about the journey not the destination, but i think it’s more like about recognizing those little moments when you feel the desire that summons life through you that matter the most because a journey can be just a…

journey towards yourself

The journey toward being whole

As teenagers and young adults, we learned that self-knowledge counts for little on the road to workplace success. What counts is the “objective” knowledge that empowers us to manipulate the world. Ethics, taught in this context, becomes one more arm’s-length study of great thinkers and their thoughts, one more exercise in data collection that fails…

Цитат от разговор на Малкият Принц с лисицата

Можеш да разбереш само нещата, които си опитомил

Лисицата млъкна и дълго гледа малкия принц: – Моля те… опитоми ме! – каза тя. – На драго сърце – отговори малкият принц, – но нямам много време. Трябва да намеря приятели и да разбера много неща.- Можеш да разбереш само нещата, които си опитомил – каза лисицата. – Хората вече нямат време да разбират…

sitting alone under the stars

What should i say?

What should i say and how should i begin to say it, when i all feel requires no words at all? Is this when silence was born? When you feel so much inside of you but you don’t have the tiniest notion if it really means anything at all. It is, a rather terrible thing,…

how are you selfish

How are you selfish?

The injunction to be unselfish refers only to one sense of self. I certainly know what it’s like to be preoccupied and uncaring, yet i am also conscious of a deep desire to treat others feelings as my own. Each of us is selfish in the sense that we are always doing what some part…



Стесняването на кръга от приятели не идва само. Приятелството е дума, чиито смисъл се придава от двама души. Както го усещат. Както постъпват. Както го могат. Приятелството е онази тиха вечер, в която споделяте най-съкровеното пред пламъка на една свещ и присъствието, което притихнало умее да ви обича. Приятелството е доверие. Връзката, която не може…