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  • The war on spirituality, art and beauty
the war on art and beauty

The war on spirituality, art and beauty

Some thoughts about art, beauty and what’s happening to all that in recent times.

Beauty strikes you at a core level that cannot be destroyed so what they must do is raise up the ugly and tell you should not be negative towards things that are not unsightly and unpleasant. The systematic elevation of all that is ugly is a type of mind control. It is a raising of the 3rd dimension – that of the sacred, the beautiful. And it’s flattening you.

It’s making you into 2D life form that only understand shape but not form. You only understand color, but not nuance. You only understand corners but not curves.

It’s dimming your perception because the controllers cannot create beauty. it’s antithetical to control. Beauty comes from freedom. It comes from the aesthetic experience that nobody can sell, nobody can buy, nobody can generate, nobody can give you or insight in you. It’s something that’s profoundly connected to the individual.

Aesthetic appreciation that’s something that can never be collectivized nor can the artistic ability. So that which cannot be collectivized and centrally controlled must be destroyed and when you cannot destroy its positive manifestation you must elevate its absence to make the contrast disappear.

This is something that is done very intentionally and right now more than ever we can see how real art, beauty and creativity are attacked on so many levels from the lamestream pop culture that is degrading people at alarmingly high speed.

It’s really sad to see how an entire generation of boys and girls have been spiritually castrated and brainwashed to worship and follow mainstream satanic puppets like Madonna, Carbi B, Beyonce, Lil this Lil that.

All these people are weapons of mass destruction. They shape the minds of the young in such a bad way and few manage to see it all for what it is and escape.

The 3rd world war is not your typical war. It’s more than anything war on art, beauty and spirituality, because what are we as a species without all that?

Just a walking pieces of flesh that eat, sleep and shit….

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