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voting is a scam

Do you still think voting matters?

Oh man I love all these delusional sheep who think voting matters and picking the lesser of two evil is better than not picking anything. Or worse believing that there are good guys that care so much about the herd of sheep and will do anything to save them from the wolf.

I have no idea what all these people have been injected at birth with and how bad they were brainwashed in school. But it’s really really bad. It’s beyond words bad…

Voting = written consent to be ruled over by criminals. Period! End of discussion!

There is no “good guys” in politics that will save you from the bad guys. They all play in the same team giving you the stupid illusion of choice. You don’t have a choice. You have owners. THEY OWN YOU! That’s why you have a fucking number on your ID card.. You are slave number xxxxxx do you get it?!!!!

Stop giving away your power to crocks who fuck you in the ass with no Vaseline every single day. You can do better than that!


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