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new world order

New World Order: Qanonsense, Trump and the controlled opposition psyops

Great interview and discussion on the ongoing PSYOPS and how the system injects people with hopium to “trust the plan” and do nothing because Trump will jail all the bad guys and we’ll live happily ever after…ooh man the level of delusion is off the freaking charts these days 🙁 Even after all these decades of fights between left and right and blue and red, the vast majority still don’t fucking get it that the people who really are in charge control both sides at all times and they control the narrative of events happening in this realm. Every 4 years a new big injection of hope is given to people and nothing changes?

They try to fool the masses with this technology evolution bullshit and look at humanity and where we are…Devolved to a point of no return.

Dumbed down to the brain of their bones masses of people incapable of critical thinking and self reliance. Masses of humans downgraded to cattle producing for the rich fucks that cannot spend their money in 10 lives while half the population lives in poverty and misery created by the very same people who come on the television programming to command people to obey to tyranny and fascism. And what’s even worse is that the people who speak up and try to show what’s going on are demonized as crazy conspiracy theorists.

Every single government in the world is working against the people and just slowly boiling them down like a frog and of course they don’t feel anything until the water reaches boiling point and there is no way back. Problem-Reaction-Solution…it just works every because we don’t learn from history and those who don’t learn from history are just repeating it.

Simple as that. Nobody wants a fucking war so they have to artificially create it and make it look like we the people did it and they are now coming to the rescue because they all care so much about us, right? It’s beyond shocking how anyone can ever have any trust in someone that works for the government and all their tentacles running the “health care” and the 12 years indoctrination camps where they turn you into obedient mindless drone ready to be turned into another battery powering the broken system that is on a verge of collapse.

You can watch the interview full screen and subscribe to the channel here

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