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plandemic 2020 timeline

How to survive 2020 like a boss

Pretty simple and straight forward guidelines on what to do in the midst of the current events in 2020.

  • Stay home
  • Save lives
  • Watch brainwashing programming and adverts that tell you how we’ll get through this together by wearing a mask and being responsible
  • Have emotional and irrational responses to trigger messages from the lame stream media
  • Wear a diaper
  • Remember that you are a threat to public health
  • Obey criminals who tell you what to do
  • And make sure to be very scared from that thing that has 0,00001% chance of killing you
  • It’s for your protection! You don’t want people to die because of you, right?
  • You might have it even though you are healthy AF.
  • Also make sure not to research anything and blindly believe everything that “scientists” and “doctors” from the television tell you. They know better right? You are just an evolved monkey with an iPhone that came out from nothing, so who are you to question them, right?

Look at this guy! He said that in 2017! What a wizard, right? Seeing into the future with such specifics! You can’t do that so you have to take his words as he can predict the future!

plandemic 2020 proof

plandemic 2020 proof

  • Shut your mouth and do nothing but what you are told, otherwise you’ll be shamed and called conspiracy theorist for questioning the narrative.
  • No, there is no global agenda for taking your rights and freedom. Noooooo, why would they do that, right? They are so nice and caring and they have the vax coming. Such nice people.
  • Never mind that they destroyed millions of lives in 6 months all over the world. It’s all for the greater good. Look now nobody is dying from cancer and all the rest, it’s all CV1984 now.


Just wait to get your vax so the criminals who took your rights can give it back to you and you can go out without your diaper. Oh and make sure to install all tracking software on your phone so they know where you are, what you do, with whom you are and what is your body temperature.

Stay safe, lol!

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