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broken society cellphone zombies

Connection lost…

The world has just become so inhuman.

Everyone is plugged in. Blindingly articulate.

Obsessed with money and careers.

So stupid and so arrogantly content…

I can’t talk to them.
I fight them.
I want to destroy them even.

I crave interaction. I CRAVE IT!

But you can’t have it anymore.

They pull out their devices for every little thing.

To reinforce their petty convenient notions to decide whether they want to shop, what they are going to eat, what movie they want to watch.. Everything they ingest.

Being part of all this is like being thrown into a game where you don’t know what the rules are and even worse, a game you don’t even want to play.

And the worse thing is that i feel that i’m just as bad if not worse then they are because i get to hate myself for not being like them and for telling them the things they don’t want to hear.

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