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studena lake bulgaria

I want to get away….

I want to  get  away from everything we’ve become!

Away from a culture where the shopping malls are full and the souls are empty

Away from the glittering billboards and crammed highways

Away from the political strife and the senseless discord

Away from the nine-to-five men who build lavish man caves in heavily mortgaged homes because their reality-show watching wives won’t let them out of the house

Away from people who decimate their green lawns with political signs

Away from newspapers and its headlines of horror

Away from the 24-hour news cycle that’s killing the brain cells of a nation

Away from the pissed-off youth riddled with unpayable debt from sham universities

Away from church-goers who find god solely in the words of highly paid preachers

Away from four-way stop signs where they all sit in unison and stare dumbly at each other afraid to make a move.

I’m no better than them, likely a lot worse, and I love them despite the need to get away from them. I’m just contrary to them in the spiritual sense and see them as adversaries to the imaginative life, to the authentic life, and I refuse to let their stale sensibilities snuff out the beautiful revolt that rejoices deep down in my weary heart.

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