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what do women want in 2020

What do women want?


The ultimate question, right? The one you can never seem to be able to answer?

Well, let me give you some suggestions to ponder over. It can take you some time to figure it out if you are having the same thing over and over again, but once you actually step back and see things for what they really are.. It’s so freaking obvious!

In short….

Women don’t want to be understood – They want attention! And they want to control the narrative!

Attention = money, resources, security etc etc.

In many relationships the guy is seen on her social media as an accessory like a hand bag. That’s why his looks money and status matter because that affects her status.

The nagging is a test of power play. Will he give in to her BS. Once she has the power she wants, she will then lose sexual desire for him and want another man.

Woman can not understand themselves as their solipsism prevents such introspection.

The older one gets and the more one matures and gains wisdom in life, the more he realizes that women aren’t worth the time, effort and money.

One of the reasons women don’t like men who have or express their needs, problems or feelings, and will mock, rage at or flee from such men, is that, in women’s minds, this is a sign that resources and attention might be diverted from them to the man.They usually dip out because they want the relationship to be on the surface with her. She has to be the focus of attention.

“The spotlight better not shift from her” …and that includes your friends, your dog (or anyone else’s), your car, bike, or boat, any leisure activities you enjoy that aren’t all about her (sports, golf, skiing, music, etc). They can get insanely jealous over any one, or all, of these things.

I have definitely noticed the constant need for attention from women. I guess that’s why they hate to see men having ANY fun without them: video games, sporting events, playing poker, even THINKING!

This is why women are always asking men what they are thinking about. The pursuit of women is mostly a supreme waste of time and money.

The princess complex was developed to give women a sense of value. There is no coincidence that this is a ‘mystical’ notion, ascribing value to women in real, practical terms (to the extent that they demand) is not easily done. Women’s value to society is their sexuality.

  • They expect sexual attention.
  • They take it for granted.
  • They learn that they can get a lot from society by virtue of their sexuality.
  • This ‘life on easy mode’ is addictive.
  • They are not motivated to improve themselves, or be invested in virtue.

As they realize that they have neglected self development and have nothing to ‘offer’ apart from their sexuality, they cling to this with vigor.

Their entire sense of self & self worth is derived from male attraction. The cessation of attention to a woman is the starving of oxygen to men.

The year is 2020….

And i’m on a rant mode, because what i see pisses me off really bad. And wherever i go it’s the same. It’s the same thing everywhere!

Just look around and see all these cell phone selfie social media addicted entitled narcissistic women who don’t give a flying fuck about anything else but their appearance and how much they can exploit men for whatever they need at any particular moment.

90% or more of their life is collecting social media approval and building an army of simps that will do anything to get a snippet of validation from them.

Sorry, not sorry. This is the sad reality. Women not only are not victims any more they are the abusers now. Heavy abusers!

Now the government has their back and they feel like they can do whatever the fuck they want and they never take any responsibility and they think they cannot be punished for their actions.

They can always switch back to victim role and in that very moment hundreds of white knights will land in their feet to save them, only to be later discarded like a piece of trash like every other man down the line.

The game is over! There is no relationships and friendships anymore. There is emotional and psychological abuse for status, money and attention and if you don’t play along she swipes on the screen and goes to the next victim. There is a long line waiting!

It’s pure emotional abuse and extraction of resources for some sex and tap on the shoulder here and there. Nothing else. NOTHING!

A woman cannot love you. She cannot respect you either. She can only see you as provider of her needs and the moment you don’t satisfy them you are gone.

There are better ways to spend your life than to chase the mighty vagina for validation. You don’t need it! It’s worth nothing! She doesn’t care about you as a person and she never will.

And if she says she does, she’s lying! Women are children who like to pretend they are so grown up and know it all. They don’t know SHIT!

They can\t do shit, but bitch about anything and everything. I’m hot, i’m cold, i want this, no i want that, no i want it all, i want here, i want there.

All they know is how to lure a man to worship them and give them money and attention and once he falls under the spell the abuse begins.

Ignoring, gaslighting, shaming, nagging, salt, salt, salt….and then when it’s so salty a little sweet just so you get back into the illusion and then more salt, more salt, even more salt than before

Look at all the social media. Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, OnlyFans. All they do is flash they are ass and titties and ask for money and likes. That’s what they are worth!

It’s not 100% of them, but at this point it feel like that silent minority of decent and well behaved ones is non existent, because the number of pretentious narcissistic yoga pants selfie handbag basics that smell on freaking chemicals from 10 feet is off the freaking charts.

Just look at them! What you see? What they have to offer you? WHAT IS IT?!

What are they worth?!!!


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