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It’s not about being happy

However small, however hidden it might be, you gotta keep that thing burning! People say it’s all about the journey not the destination, but i think it’s more like about recognizing those little moments when you feel the desire that summons life through you that matter the most because a journey can be just a journey, if you don’t answer those inner calls to action that your hearts whispers to you.

Happiness is a man made illusion sold through movies…

The more you seek and chase it the further away it goes…

It’s EGO trip!

You have to pay attention and recognize when the desire to make something comes to you and how that desire summons life and it lights your heart. This is life force calling you to take action for some kind of greater good.

This is not happiness. Happiness is just a man made word geared towards explaining an artificially created desire for pursuit of something that is not there.

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