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mental health issues

Not all wounds are visible on the surface

People suffering from mental health are poorly understood by people who are unfamiliar with these issues. Depression can be fatal, a complex problem that invades all sphere of the life of those who suffer from it and it’s hard for most people to really understand what goes on into your head.

Most common stigma surrounding mental health sounds like:

  •  You’re such an Attention Seeker. All you want is to be the center eye of everyone’s life.
  •  You’re faking it. You’re fake person. Why can’t you be your real self?
  • Why can’t you be Just Happy. Stop making mountains out of mole-hill.
  • Oh! You such a drama queen.
  • At least try. Stop making excuses. Stop blaming everyone around.
  • Why don’t you do some exercise or something that keep you busy.
  • You’re selfish, nothing else.
  • Look around, there’re people who have it a lot worse.
  • You’re just overthinking nothing else.
  • It’s all in your brain. You manipulate everything.
  • You smile, you dress up. How can you be depressed?

You know what, we really need to change our perception about mental health before it’s too late. It’s high time when we need to understand that disrupt mental health can completely eat someone from inside. It’s EXHAUSTING.

And statement like these do not help people with mental illness, rather make their situation even worse. Person well dressed with widest smile, loudest of laugh can also be depressed and suffering from anxiety disorder.

Because the fact is NOT ALL WOUNDS ARE VISIBLE but they all deserve healing, which can only be possible with your LOVE, SUPPORT and CARE

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