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generation z

Generation Z and the Fast Food One Click Consciousness

Every single day when i go out and i look at people around i get depressed. I cannot believe how quickly in less than 20 years humanity has gone from bad to irreversible worse.

Even people from the older generations are fucked up from all this technology cell phone bullshit reality.

The younger ones…their world is the phone. And they cannot leave it alone. Like 90% of the people i pass by every day walk with the phone in their hand.

They cannot put it in their pocket or bag. Especially women. Women are so fucking hooked on social media that it’s outrageously scary when you look at what’s going on.

Society has fucked them up so bad that the only thing left they have is putting up all this fake ass selfies on social media to get validation from men to feel something, because they feel so empty and shallow inside.

They feel like if that’s the only way to get recognition and respect and validation, but it’s all fake. It’s a lie. It’s facade. It stems from feeling worthless and not enough.

Something that the mainstream make up industry have created with all these photoshoped whores who pose with their fake smiles and teeth and whatnot.

I see all these people every day when i walk my dog. They are not there with the dog. They mindlessly scroll dumb shit on their phone while the dog is pissing on the sidewalk.

It’s absolute joke!

That’s why i don’t want to go anywhere and be around people. I cannot compete with what their phone has to offer. They are not interested in my intellectual property and theories about life and the world.

They do not want to cooperate and do something that takes time and matters. They want 3 liner motivation in the chat curated with emojies and shit.

They don’t have time and desire to talk things through, but they can watch music idol or big brother or whatever for hours..

They need to be in the drama to escape from themselves. They fear silence.

They want to consume more and more and i want to consume and own less and less.

They bitch about the most dumb shit all over the place. They are cocky and pretentious. They have these imaginary rights to spit out their shit so everyone can hear it. They demand and ask for everything, but give nothing in return, because there is nothing they can give.

All they have is what’s on the phone or tv. They consume mainstream fast food content. They worship celebrities and want to be like them.

They listen to crap modern music created with the only intention to make them slaves to fake ass glamour one eye symbolism culture that prides itself in it’s ritualistic art filled with edgy modern abstract nonsense.

Just look around and see how people dress and talk and what they look at and how they spend their time.

Some would say oh that’s how it is. That’s their generation. No! This is forced on them. They did not came up with it. Someone decided to promote it and now it’s all cool to show how gay you are or whatever, because they all have rights and shit now.

I don’t have anything against them, but when they shove all their gayness in my face and ask me to accept it as normal. NO! Just because someone gave you these imaginary rights to walk around dressed like a weirdo and feel proud does not mean i have to put up with that and take it as normal.

This is fucked up shit because little kids see that and they wonder what the hell is this and some might as well just say oh i want to be like that too, because it’s cool and hip. It’s not!

All this LGBTQ bullshit is fucking agenda to confuse people and to make them wonder if they are this or that and take a side, because now all the cool kids decide to go from straight to bisexul or trans or whatever.

That shit was nonexistent 20 years ago! It was created on purpose and now it’s used as a policital weapon that also creates a generation of confused kids who question their birth gender. This is fucked up shit man!

It’s beyond sad to watch this whole thing and that’s why i retired from society and interactions with people. I have no time to waste in all this Idiocracy and division and programming.

I have no interest in mainstream bullshit propaganda and idols and who said what and what’s on TV and what’s the new brainwashing movie in the cinema. It’s all a freaking distraction.

Distraction from life itself. From what matters. From how we used to be and interact with each other and the world around.

Distraction from the truth.

That’s why there is a saying that the truth hurts, because all day everyday they sell you good sounding lies that you take as it feels good.

Everyone is trying to sell you some shit you don’t want or need. And the younger still developing minds are the easiest to target.

Back in the 90’s life was different. We had no internet and the mainstream bullshit was not as effective as it is today.

I think about all these people who want to have children these days. They don’t realize that they will give birth to half robots who will start using cellphones and tablets as early as age 2-3.

They will turn their kids into virtual reality consumers right away and rewire their brains with all the images and BS from social media. These will not be humans! They will live in virtual reality man!

They’re fucked from the get go!!!

Kids grow up in broken families with indoctrinated from the system low level of intelligence parents who can teach them little to nothing of any real value.

And the cycle goes on and on.

But they have their right to live their lives and they do not care. All they care is social status, consumption of shit and what’s on the phone. The phone is now the real life.

They do not understand how their desires to do something, because they feel they have the right to do it ruins the future generations and everything, because they are blind.

Ignorant as fuck! Hiding from the truth. Running away from silence and from their own god damn selves.Consciousness

Scared that if they show their real face the crowd will tear it down and shame them for daring to be not like everybody else. Fucking cowards and snowflakes.

Totally unconscious fucks who know nothing about nothing.

One click drive thru fast food consciousness reality designed to destroy every last drop left from humanity and what it really means to be a human and to live in peace with nature and the animals.

The walking dead show is our reality shown on TV. And people love it! They do not realize that the mainstream is showing them what they have become and they think it’s just a show for entertainment.

It’s not! That walking blood sucking zombie that has no idea where it’s going it’s YOU!

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