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mgtow forever

Going my own way, at last! (MGTOW)

I’ve been going my own way since i can remember myself, but along the way i got tricked for and went on walking in another path that was not for me.

Basically I’ve been living with the MGTOW philosophy since i was a kid, but just recently i discovered the existence of this acronym and that there is a whole movement that’s rapidly growing.

And it makes total sense. How else could it be when men just get tired of being bullied and used as a plaything/provider in more than 90% of the cases from psychotic, narcissistic, unapologetic, egoistical and unloving individuals from the opposite sex who don’t give a flying fuck about them.

They just want stuff and attention and validation and when they don’t get it they:

  1. bitch about it
  2. make you feel like shit for not doing what they presumed you had to
  3. go to some other guy to get what they want

They know that you are replaceable. They can snap their fingers and lure another guy into their bullshit right away on social media. They know that. It’s easy.

They do their bullshit testing with you right away to see with how much of their bullshit you are willing to put up with and from then on it’s manipulation and exploitation freak show.

Not that if you confront them they will admit it, but when you’ve had enough of it over the years and you look back and connect the dots, it’s pretty obvious what was going on. And there are hundreds of thousands of men who will confirm that 100%.

So yeah…fuck this BS and putting up with gas-lighting and emotional and other kind of abuse from women. I’m DONE. Like literally DONE!

I allowed myself to go really low and be treated like shit from these individuals who abused my kindness and honesty and openness really bad.

I will not put up with this shit ever again. That’s for sure! I have no desire to have kids or marry so anyway i’m not of any interest to a woman anyway.

Not a bad boy, not a provider, not anymore someone who’d go an extra 100 miles for someone else just to be treated like shit.

Non of them ever cared about me or loved me at all. And that is extremely clear to me now. Even my own mother did not loved me or cared for me enough so she decided to just drink herself to death.

Woman is never to be trusted with anything. EVER!!!!

They go behind your back, talk shit to other people, say things that are personal to you and the list goes on and on.

Not that all are like that, but pretty sure the % is above 90.

Some even have the nerve to crawl back after leaving like nothing happened when they miss their supply of attention and validation.

Just so later they can discard you again and spill twice as much shit and blame it all on you.

Fuck that!

This is fucked up shit!

I wont put up with that one more time. Social media and the so called modern society fucked up women so bad that they have turned into monsters.

Taking selfies trying to look good with fake smiles and shit and dead empty inside with nothing to offer but the mask they put up to fit in this broken ass society.

I know there are good ones among them who have respect and intelligence and do not operate on this fake ass superficial fast food big brother music idol consciousness, but it’s quite hard to find them.

Plus look at all the divorce rates and what’s going on. Adolescent imbeciles marry in their early twenties and then grow up into strangers 10 years later because they were just children with no direction in life making more children who will follow their footsteps later.

Most divorces are because of women who don’t get what they were expecting or they just lured a guy to get them pregnant and then told him to fuck off taking all his shit and making him pay child support.

Absolute joke. And so many men fall into this trap and then this becomes a huge factor for having unstable and broken society.

Children have children and then fuck up their life and create emotionally unstable and uneducated people who end up on McDonalads cashier trying to get by, because until they figured out University education is absolute joke it was already too late

And since i don’t want to waste any more time and energy chasing and hoping that the next one will be “the one” i’m better off on my own.

I have my music, i have my dog and i have stuff to do. I don’t have time for drama, for superficial social media emoji bullshit and i don’t want to deal with narcissistic low level individuals who have no idea what they want and have nothing to offer.

I’m not a playing and it’s not my job to work like a pig to fulfill unrealistic desires of women who only care about themselves and what they want.

I want peace and quite so anything that threatens that is automatically a big NO from now on!

As much as all this sounds like a hate post toward women it’s just truth that hurts. It hurts them and it hurts me for seeing and experiencing it. But that’s the reality we live in…

Maybe one day i’ll change my mind. Maybe i wont…

For now that;s the way it is and it feels really good!


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