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Don’t chase the dream, live the unfolding of it

If we are only in it for that moment when the journey is complete, that single moment when we arrive at that so-called final destination, then all of the days and hours and minutes we spend getting there become robbed of their inherent value and enjoyment.

To live this way is to miss the point of life, which is to live fully here and now and to honor the only moment we can ever be sure we have: this present one right now.

A small shift in our perspective can completely transform this dynamic.

The truth is that it doesn’t even matter if we actually ever get to the realization of the vision or if the dream comes true. I know that sounds crazy, but try it on and see how it feels. Don’t get me wrong, it would definitely be nice to “make it” and to complete the journey, BUT if that big shiny end destination is giving meaning to what we are doing RIGHT NOW, if it’s giving us a reason to play full out and to dig deep today, then it’s serving its purpose. In other words, if we can use our dreams as fuel rather than as an end, then they can truly lift us up and enrich our whole life experience rather than one elusive moment at the end of the winding road. When we can use the beautiful and inspiring picture on the box to drive us and color our experience of finding and carefully placing each piece of the puzzle in its place, then we are truly living the dream.

This is what “it’s all happening” means. It means that your dream is coming true whether you are one step out of the gate or one step from the finish line. It means that the dream is an experience that unfolds piece by piece, and that each piece is as essential as the very last one. It means that as long as you are on your way toward the life of your dreams, you’ve already made it!

Your dream is coming true. Enjoy every step. It’s all happening!

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