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  • It’s already too late man….

It’s already too late man….

I can’t fit in this reality of today’s life. I just can’t. This world is not suitable for people like me. Things have gotten way out of balance and those in control are pushing humanity towards self destruction.

Problem is only few can see it and the action they take doesn’t make enough impact. And the worst thing is that the system knows that and it’s now going towards new type of control over the masses.

The individual is weakened to an extreme point. People don’t care about anything but their social media likes these days. They don’t do shit. They are empty inside. They are living in cancer consciousness eating, drinking, listening, reading total garbage that is so damaging that i can fucking write a book to explain the in depth of this realm.

Everywhere i go i see dumb people dressed to impress..fucking whores who smell like chemicals from 5 meters buried in their phones scrolling their life away looking for the next hit of entertainment or infotainment or whatever.

They all smile and spend so much time to put a happy face on social media and then cry all night unable to sleep, because those fucking likes mean NOTHING. And they know that they are NOTHING.

Dead inside…

Only complaining about shit, not taking any kind of responsibility. No change. Just do what’s likable get that social media approval, and you are good!

I hope i don’t flip one day and actually go jump somewhere because i cannot take this shit anymore.

Fake people, fake reality, fake food, trash music, shitty movies. And 90% of people are OK with all that shit. They rejoice in how cool they are with their smartphone and how they can take pics and videos.woooohoooooo… are one hell of a thingy…

Fucking shit cunts everywhere and pumped “alpha” males with tattoos and black cars looking bad ass trashing everything around.

Mindless consumers who are living in virtual reality wasting their time serving and keeping the broken system alive.

And the worst thing is that these individuals procreate and their kids are going to be the same if not worse. They wont know what life without a fucking phone is. They are literally born into a virtual reality surrounded by screens and herds of obedient sheep.

No hope for this to change. It can’t. It’s already too late. God have mercy on all these innocent souls who are going to witness the destruction of humanity and this place in the next 50-100 years.

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