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What happened to music?!

Like, really?! WTF?!!

What is this modern pop mainstream bullshit music that is being pumped through every outlet possible these days?

This is fucking cancer. Empty as fuck. Brain dead pointless repetitive lyrics and computerized melodies designed to mind control people.

It’s disgusting.

All these whores and “rappers” signing and dancing to absolute shit! Everyone selling their soul for fucking facebook likes and shit.

All these idiots making BANGERS on Instagram spamming people to go check them out and shit. Dafaq?!!!

The only reason they make music is to get fucking likes and be just another Joe making the same shit looking for attention.

There is no creativity in this music. It has no soul. It has no meaning. You can’t feel shit because it’s artificial. Only computer can make that kind of music.

How can so many people support this shit and like it? HOW?!!!!!!!! Are you humans or what?!

How can you like this artificial mainstream bullshit?! How can you LIKE IT?!

Worshipers of whores and muppets.

Fucking Beyonce, Alana Grande, LIL UZI, whatever…the same shit..all the same fucking empty shit designed to control the minds of the masses and make them act a certain way.

But who can even get to the point of considering this? Music these days is a weapon!

People lose their shit worshiping individuals raised by the PR industry into some kind of GODS.

It pisses me off, because i cannot understand it. I cannot relate to this, i cannot relate to these people.

Everywhere i go i hear this cancer music and i want to fucking die so i wont have to hear it again.

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