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My ADHD theory

I was theorizing some stuff about ADHD today and i kept thinking about how this diagnosis is only possible in relation to what’s the acceptable norm in society.

Eg. A kid who does not comply in school, because it feels and smells all the BS and nonsense, is called problematic and often diagnosed with ADHD while in another reality this is not a disorder or something bad it’s just that this person has absolutely no interest to be forced to be focused on something he\she dislikes or has no interest in whatsoever.

It’s like so many of these labels of disorders and whatnot are just in relation to something that someone dubbed normal and told everyone that all else is somewhat of genetic disorder or mutation or whatever.

Just because i’m very curious and active person and i have hard time focusing on something that i don’t want to do or see no value/purpose in it, does not qualify me for a label that suits NT’s to describe my “weirdness”.

So what is normal guys? Being obedient sheep that follows the man made ridiculous rules of “modern western society” or being whatever you feel like being regardless of what anyone has to say about it?

Look around and see how many masks everyone is wearing and think what kind of life is this? All covered with lies and clothes and make up and shit,  just to appear in a way that is applauded and accepted by the masses?


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