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Looking for inspiration?!


Well go fucking find it within yourself! Don’t wait to see the next video of crippled girl/guy doing the things that you take for granted, so you can feel this “inspiration” to get yo ass up and do something.


Nobody is here to inspire YOU!

Disabled and other not highly functional, according to society standards, people are not here to inspire you! It’s not their job! It’s yours! If you can’t find it in you, well…..that’s sad.

Stop waiting for the right time to act on your dreams. There is no such time in the future. It’s NOW!

Don’t expect other people to inspire you and don’t think that just because someone does not inspire you in any way that they are not good enough. It’s not their problem. It’s yours.

It fucks me up when i see people share these stories of disabled people who “made it” and they are like “yeah this is so inspirational i needed to see that”…really?! That’s what you needed to inspire you?!

To see the unfortunate sad story of someone who got fucked in a way and still managed to get the thing done that you didn’t as you had no time or took for granted.

Fuck that!



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