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“Socially Retarded”

I hear people use the term “socially retarded” quite a bit..
What exactly does this mean?
Like, beyond being more inept at correctly managing social situations?
Ever thought about why certain people are like this?
Overcome with anxiety at the sheer thought of social interaction?

We look at it as a bad condition to have…
And it is..
But not for the reasons you think..
It isn’t a character defect of the person who is burdened with it..
It’s actually a MAJOR flaw in our society..

You see, our society is built around lies, manipulation, and deceit.. All in the pursuit of selfish desires..
So this makes it absolutely vital for people to turn their life into a charade in order to conform.. Not only conform, but to avoid being taken advantage of by others, as well as, they themselves learning to take advantage of others..
To “pretend” to be driven by the same desires as the rest.
To APPEAR to be more proficient at whatever it is you do than you really are.. Bragging.. Showboating.. All of the overly flattering stories you tell about yourself with NONE of the unflattering ones..

This has rapidly increased in the last several years thanks to this fucking social media cesspool…
The place where you appear to be MUCH more satisfied with your current situation than the depressing reality of it..
Not just that, but say the most horrific degrading things you can muster about a VAST array of topics that you couldnt possibly know as much as you claim to about.. Things you would NEVER say to a person standing in front of you..
It’s fucking DISGUSTING…

So as a result of all this, you are trained to NEVER allow your mask to slip.. To NEVER reveal your TRUE nature while engaged in social interaction..

In order to keep up your facade, you will undoubtedly have to convince yourself that its truth as well.. This is all done subconsciously due to the overwhelming impact of having them thrust upon you by our society.
You should look “this” way.. Act “that” way.. Dedicate your life to “this”.. Have faith in your lord and savior or whatever it is that dictates the “rules” for you to live by…. Pledge your allegiance to a government ran by the some of the WORST of our species…
That list never ends…

So, according to how much this goes against the TRUE nature of a certain individual, paired with the level of expectation their particular environment places on them, is what dictates the level of trauma this causes internally to any given human…

But we have gotten SOOO far away from humanity’s TRUE nature, that this society goes against every ounce of our being for the VAST majority of humanity..
Some are able to adapt pretty well and can go on to live, what feels like a meaningful existence..
But those people are rare.. And it’s not really as “meaningful” as they think it is..
It IS however, meaningful for the ones who convinced you to live that way in order to benefit from it..

For ALOT of us though, our inability to adapt to societal norms causes SEVERE deep seated trauma..

And why can we not adapt, you ask?

Because we cant lie as well as the rest of you.. And you make us feel nothing but shame for it..
From the beginning, you get nothing but our pure unbridled honesty..
We only have the ability to observe, ponder, and react or respond…
No plotting in between..
For most of us, you’re able to convince us that we’re “wrong” for being the way we are.. And we need to be the way you are, because “that’s the way it’s always been” or “that’s what makes this country so great”.. But most of you have any legitimate reason to say that with ANY confidence in whether its true… But you state it at such.. And we fucking trust you, so we start trying to hide who WE really are.. And its NEVER good enough for you people.. You use us, take advantage of our trusting nature, make us feel guilty for things that we should be fucking proud of.. And you motherfuckers are so ignorant that you do it, believe it, and sleep better at night because of it.. You break our spirit…

But the “lord” works in mysterious ways.. Haha..
No, actually evolution works in a predictable way..
If a bloodline is put through alot of hardship, but continues long enough to pass it on to the next generation, then that person has the propensity toward those same hardships in our society.. The odds stacked against them, if you will.. But each time that strand of DNA gets passed along it gets stronger.. Each and every time, a little bit stronger…

(Not many people have had as many run ins with death at I have due to a flaw in their genetic code. I’m sure of it.. Ask me if you’re interested and I’ll list them..)
Until one day, its hardships have grown immensely, But so has their level of impact if they are able to overcome those hardships… They’ve been convinced so radically that they are a flawed version of our species, but they are SOO strong due to evolution that they do EVERYTHING in their power to live up to societiey’s ridiculous standards.. The whole time, they’re being told they’re not good enough and believing it every time..

Sometimes, these people are facing so much torment that they are in a constant state of debilitating depression that makes them not even want to face the world each day..
And what are we told?

“Man the fuck up…” Quit being a little bitch..” Life is hard, deal with it..” Lifes not fair…” “Everybody feels shitty sometimes, but THEY all get over it and do what needs to be done..”
I could go on all day…
And they’re right, life isn’t fair..
Why? Because the people they idolize who hold all the power and wealth, made it that way…
And no. People dont feel the way I felt at my worst.. No fucking way.. If they did, the entire species would have offed itself by now…
When genetic code has overcome TREMENDOUS odds, and is also able to overcome those hardships….
Watch the fuck out…
THEY have created a fucking MONSTER…
I see through ALL the bullshit..
I would bet money you cant dispute much, if anything that I have stated in my “manic”,”insane” ramblings..
I beg of you to try… Just try..
And they havent created a monster in the sense of what is ALL too common these days, such as school shooters, terrorists, etc…
They have created a WHOLE different kind of monster.. The kind of monster that is going to rip that power out of their greedy, cocksucking hands.. Tear down the entire fucking godforsaken establishment..
Refuse it to rubble…

How am I gonna do that, you ask?

“I’M” not…. WE are..

You see, I’m nothing but a “simpleton” who worked extremely hard to educate himself on the inner workings of this universe..
And although I am not the genius that discovered and created and therefore holds this knowledge, I AM the only “simpleton” who has grasped the answer to the age old question, “What is the meaning of life?”
SOOOO… I now have the knowledge that at one time only the worlds geniuses were privy to, but with the added benefit of being able to explain it in “simpleton” terms for the rest of you simpletons.. Haha!

You got that you fucking simpletons?!
Once I’m able to convince you stubborn fucking assholes that you are more valuable than what they had you valued at…
Then and only then will we take back what is rightfully ours…

Dig deep.. This fire is in each and every one of you..
I swear on my life..
I would lay down my life right fucking now if it made you people believe that…

But that wouldn’t help.. Because you need guidance..
Its nothing to be ashamed of..
It IS however, something to be VERY pissed off about..
Pissed off that you dedicated your life to people who NEVER gave a fuck about you..
Who would personally kill your family if it meant keeping a stronghold on their wealth and power…

Listen to what the fuck I’m saying to you..
Im getting REALLY tired of repeating myself..
Stop looking to fucking argue and prove that you are “better” or smarter than another person..
Not only is that probably not the case, but it DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER!!
This isnt a God damn contest to see who is better than the next.. It’s a game in which we should all be working together as one to attain our true potential and happiness…

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