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fuck the system

Junk Food, Lower Energies and How the system fucks people up

We don’t need to eat so much food to satisfy the needs of your body. If we listen to it and pay attention it will tell us what and when it needs.

But when we constantly fill yourself up with all that junk food, meat and dairy and sweets and so on, our stomach brain starts to work in a different way.

We are programming our bodies to work in inefficient way that does not benefit anyone, but the damn system.

We get this dopamine rush in our head and it feels so good, but this is a trick. Our body hates 90% if not more of the things that we put into it, because it’s not something it needs or even wants.

All we hear in our head is “Eat something”. Fill yourself up with with some shit so you can deal with whatever it is that you have to deal with throughout the day.

We get constantly constipated, and so many people can’t take a fucking dump for 3 days and then we wonder why we feel like shit? Well…

Our body has created a relationship with all the shit we put into it every day, because we just wont stop, and it’s trying it’s best to process and deal with it.

Most of the food we eat today is a trigger food. Trigger of the lower self (Lower chakras).

It weighs us down. It makes us more depended on the system. It separates us from our higher mind. So if you are locked into your lower self, and your stomach brain than you won’t be able to use your higher mind in any kind of way.

Because you are too busy spending time in your lower self and those energy centers. This way your body starts working against you, because you have energy blockages and you are operating from some kind of fight or flight survival mode.

Eat fat ass greasy stuff, have sex, drink some shit and repeat. Fast food is poison that goes into our bloodstream, but we are too busy and ignorant to see it.

It takes time to find a way to regain control of your mind and body so you can take charge when the desire arises, but who has time for that, right?

We don’t have time to take care of ourselves and our body, because we are too busy doing some pointless shit for some imaginary future working some shit job or wasting our time in the education system where they just suck the life out of us every single moment for NOTHING!

We get conditioned to focus on the micro scale when it comes to taking care of ourselves. (Put on some clothes, some make up, perfume, fake a smile, eat that burger). We don’t see how the system benefits from us, because we are too busy being part of it and trying to find a way to participate, even though we know and feel deep inside how broken and fucked up it all is.

The way of the System

The system profits from our ignorance and sickness, because that’s what we become when we are part of it. That’s just inevitable!

That’s why this whole society is fucked up and full of slaves, because 90% of people live in this realm of fast food, sex, Hollywood entertainment, university system, 9-5 shit job, TV, Big Brother. Social Media.etc

All this is connected and all of it made up to weigh and dumb people down so they can stay in the lower chakras constantly consuming shit and fake ass empty entertainment that gets all your energy and attention so at the end of the day you don’t have time for yourself and what really matters.

We are so busy and preoccupied with this fake ass shit that we think that’s what life is and we have to find a way to live with all that as there is no way out.

But there is!

The system can’t enslave healthy, strong, empowered people who are smart enough to learn how to go to their higher energy centers and live from there. You can’t enslave people who see through all this “modern society” bullshit, and refuse to participate in it.

Those are people who know that they are not born to be 9 to 5 slaves for the rest of their life living some fake ass bullshit excuse of a life that the system is giving them. Some bullshit Mc Donald’s happy meal doggy treats.

  • Trick or treat. You get tricked by a treat. And you like it so much that you just choose to repeat!

We can never live up to our full potential if all of our energy and time is vested into the system.

We just become another battery that powers up that fake ass reality and that’s why so many people are depressed and end up killing themselves these days.

And it’s so sad that people still believe that the system can be fixed and they waste even more time and energy on that. The system is designed by default to be broken and to fuck people up! It cannot be fixed!

They just put on some face here and there yo give people fake hope that someone is doing something for them. Change is coming, it will get better. It wont! It’s a lie!

We have to get better for ourselves! The system is not going to get better or help us fulfill our dreams and our purpose.

If we don’t break out of it and start working on ourselves nothing will ever change for the better.

We’ll just go with our life, eventually have kids and we’ll show them how to become the newest set of replacement batteries powering up this fake bullshit

This is not life. This is a joke. It’s slavery! We are told what to do, what to think, how to feel, where to go, what to say. WTF?!

We don’t even have our own opinion, because it’s all biased and given to us from the so called authorities. Science bitch! Shut your mouth. You came from a monkey ass and you don’t know shit.

Our spirit and intuition are so weakened from all this shit that we cannot trust and rely on ourselves, because we don’t know ourselves.

Our whole life becomes a fucking lie. Just another version of the Truman Show!

If only more people will start to see this whole picture and realize what is going on…

If only more people will choose to come back to who they are and to their higher self…

Because from that place you can start to make positive changes and empower yourself to take charge of what you choose to put in your body and your mind.

Once you break the Ego and you start to control your lower energy desires you can regain power and stop living off of fast food, fucking pornhub and social media…

Life is and can be simple, but the fucking system and all the bullshit that stems from it makes it look like a fucking shit hole.

Fuck the system! Go connect with your soul and find a meaningful purpose. It’s better to have short and meaningful life than to play it safe by the rules of the system and die in a nursing home from pills!

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