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Cut the Junk OFF! You can do better! You are better!

Time for a little rant today! Weeee!

In our ever growing consumption rates in today’s society it seems like to have desire for less is some kind of weird thing.

There is SO MUCH STUFF around, that it’s hard to not to want to have as much as you can get, right? There is enormous amount of shit asking for your attention every step of the way.

This is especially true about junk food that is being sold in every corner of every street in every city.

Candies, waffles, burgers, donuts, Coca Cola…you name it. It’s easy to get, it gives you that dopamine rush in the brain, its’ cheap. JACKPOT, right? NO! Actually NOT!

So many people today complain they do not have enough money or they don’t make enough to have what they want and need, but this is not true.

Majority of people just spend a lot of money on absolute shit and that’s why they don’t have enough for all the good stuff they want or the things they actually need.

To say something like “i cannot eat healthy, because its’ expensive is just lame”. It’s really lame!

You have money for cigarettes and alcohol and junk food and all kinds of shit, but you cannot buy water, bananas and beans? Or you think this is lame and only poor people live like that?!

Or maybe you think other people will laugh at you for being practical and caring about your health?!

I love it when someone tells me, “but it’s just one time it wont hurt you”. Why are you such and such?!

They don’t get that the one time becomes two times and three times and eventually all the time, because all this shit is ADDICTIVE!

People think that someone that smokes weed is drug addict and they don’t realize that they cannot stop eating cheese and junk food. Which one is more addictive?! How long can you last without cheese and meat? A day? Maybe two?

Isn’t fruit more like the real fast food than waiting for some stinky ass Arab dude to make you a greasy burger with fries that are made with the the shittiest and cheapest oil you can imagine?!

But no, you have to convince yourself that there is no other option, and its’ easier to get a burger than to carry 3-4 bananas in your bag to grab a quick energy boost when you need it, right?

People constantly feel hungry, because they eat little food that is calorie dense and their stomach does not get full. That’s why after you eat some junk you get hungry soon after and you need more junk.

On top of that you start to feel tired and sleepy, because you fool yourself that you get energy from burgers and meat. Truth is your body is freaking out because of the shit you just put into it and it’s working really hard to digest it and uses more energy. That’s why you feel tired and sleepy after you eat meat and cheese and junk food…

Why is it so hard to do what’s right vs. what’s easy?

Why do you have to spend your hard earned money on shit that is bad for you and that you get to make yourself feel good? Like the next useless shit from the Mall or McDonald’s or that Chocolate bar.

Why you spend $10 on meat and cheese and then say you don’t have money for fruit and veg. This is plain stupid!

Don’t spend money on junk food and useless stuff and then complain you can’t buy that one thing that you really want and matters to you or you can’t go somewhere.

Every time you spend money on something, you vote. That’s the real vote that says a lot about you and what you support.

Just think about it.

  • How and where you put your money?
  • Where they go?
  • What kinds of practices and businesses you support?
  • Are they worthy?
  • Do they share your core values?
  • Do they cause harm along the way?

Are you really helping someone who really need support or you just make the rich people richer and yourself poorer?

Eating is something that we should enjoy and take pleasure from, but why don’t we strive to do it in a way that is not only enjoyable, but also more beneficial to us and to the environment?

Why do we need all this junk to make ourselves feel better? Can’t we just get that good feeling from eating live food and from being next to each other and by doing productive stuff together that matters?

We should not spend our hard earned money on shit that will make us sick and eventually leave us with empty pockets long before the next paycheck.

This is counter productive!

Cut the crap, the soft drinks, the junk food that makes you feel “good”, the cable TV, the cigarettes, the alcohol, the crap you buy from the mall and see how much money you have to spend on good shit that matters.

Use these money to travel, to buy books, to drink water and eat healthy food. Think of that thing you always wanted to get, but you never had the money as you were spending them on shit? Save for that, it will make you feel much better than all the candy in the world.

All these corporations just sell you emotions as they know how addictive all that shit is. People nowadays feel like crap because of the way life is in this broken modern western society, and that’s why they will do anything to feel good and the easiest thing to do is to buy cheap “feel good” junk.

Same shit, different day. You go to work to make money that you spend on total shit that is slowly killing you and you LOVE IT!

Stop doing that! Evolve! There is life outside of that junk food feel good loop that you are trapped in.

And it’s way better and cheaper outside!

Stop saying that you want to to feel good and be healthy and put dead flesh and junk in your vessel. You are disrespecting the life that is given to you and the body that’s taking you from place to place every day by doing that

In this life you only have this one body to carry you on. Why treat it like shit? Why feel like shit?

Don’t wait for New Year to do better and be better. Make the first step today!

Be the fucking change you want to see in this fucked up world. Be one less miserable person eating crap and becoming crap just to get a good feeling fix!

DO IT! For yourself!

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