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yin yang

From Duality to Wholeness

It is time for all of us to be in and create a harmonious balance between the male and female parts of ourselves, to get beyond the duality of conflict into wholeness, where the whole is greater than the parts.

We see this evidenced in the outer world every day as women struggle to be accepted, to find their own power, fearing that they will be put down or thought of as sexual objects.

We see it in the aggression, stress, and fear men experience, struggling to be in relationship, but not knowing how. We see it in the movements that have taken place over the last 20 years to bring greater equality to the sexes.

We have become polarized, the male and female struggling against one another, out of touch with one another, with no tools to bridge the gap. We see this in the high divorce rates, in unhappy lives, and in the distress of our children.

We even see this division polarized on a world wide level – the issues of aggression and domination, and war. We need to be moving beyond partisanship, toward living in harmonious, honoring relationship as a global community.

In reality the male/female balance is a oneness, as everything in Life is, both beautiful, both equal, different parts of a greater whole.

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