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fear of greatness

Rising, Falling, Change, and the Fear of Greatness

There is a song by Morcheeba called “It’s all part of the process”. In it there is a line that has struck with me for a long time and it goes this way:

“We all love looking down. All we want is some success, but the chance is never around”

Thinking about how success is defined nowadays and how many people feel that they do not amount to much or they are not good enough and how that takes them into a spiral of negative thoughts and puts them down, makes me feel sad.

We all want success, but we are scared of not being good enough, of being too this or too that. We are afraid of falling. Because failure seems like a shameful thing. Something that is reserved for the weak. But what does it mean to be weak? We even have the wrong idea of what is weakness in today’s society.

Falling does not equal failure and having a kind and loving heart in this world does not mean weakness it’s honorable thing. We have to fail over and over again and stand up and take another step and fall again and take another step. We have to learn and accept falling if we are to get success.

We cannot rise higher than we are willing to fall. We can only grow as well as we are willing to go inside or as well as we are willing to let our old self die.

We have to decide to let the old go and be willing to lose the ego identity so we can create a new and better – more desired, version of ourselves. There is no way we can make a desired transition in our life without doing that.

We have to learn to own our mistakes and strive not to repeat them as best as we can. Only when the Ego dies and we take responsibility and own our shit, only then we can become humble and move on with a new way of seeing and doing things.

I think this is one of the best ways we can empower ourselves and manifest our desires from within, not having to struggle over and over again trying to make it work the other way around.

We have to surrender and feel the pain that accompanies the change we desire. Only then we can learn and make the shift we want. It has to happen inside of us, before we can manifest what we want in the outer world. It doesn’t work the other way around.

Every time we fall we have to find a way to rise again. That’s how we grow, that’s how we empower ourselves, that’s how we gain strength, that’s how we can give hope and example to others – that they too can do the same.

Emotions come and go and they are great teachers, but we should not let them rule our life. They serve a purpose and we have to do our best to observe and recognize what each emotion is trying to tell us.

It’s so easy to act on our emotions without thinking, because we feel like we have the right to speak out our mind. But, just because we can do or say something, it doesn’t mean we should always do it.

Words and actions have enormous power and they should be used to uplift and empower people, not put them down.

Almost all the time this desire to act on emotions is fear based. Fear of loss or control over something.

But we don’t own and cannot control anything outside of ourselves. We cannot own something or someone in this life. We can allow people and things to choose to come to us, but they are not ours to use as we wish.

At best, all we own is our soul. All else is a gift and it’s our responsibility to take good care of it and appreciate it. Our body, our family, our friends, the earth where we live, etc.

We have to be the change we want to see in the world. The world will always be and feel the same if we don’t make the shift in our hearts.

The fear of greatness

Often times the number one reason for making a change is the fear of what others will say, right? We want to impress our parents, our friends and other people by doing what they expect us to do or simply by doing what everyone else is doing. Just follow the crowd and do as everyone else and we’ll love and like you..

Why would we ever choose to be as others wish or as “modern society” tells us to be, if we have so much potential and so many ways to change and experience this world?

I’m almost 100% certain that deep down inside so many of us give up on our dreams and true heart desires just to play it safe and do as we are told or expected, because otherwise we might not get their approval and we think that this is extremely important.

But why do we have to fear the light that we carry inside? Why do we have fear our own greatness?

Do we feel somewhat overwhelmed by the idea that we can actually do so much and we are capable of so many things?

Is it so hard because we want to choose just one thing from all there is, and we cannot pick?

So often we choose to play small and we lose touch with our true self and the potential that we carry inside. Just to be likable and “socially acceptable”.

So many times we compare our worse with someone else’s best, thinking that the grass in their yard looks greener and we are not good enough.

We tell ourselves, “maybe later, when i get this and this and that and i’ll be worthy and happy”

But this is hardly ever the case.

We can choose to be great and awesome right here and now without asking for permission or having to compare Ourselves with someone else. The only person you should compare yourself with is the person you were yesterday or 5 minutes ago.

We can choose to work together and make things happen rather than feel like we are in some sort of competition and we have to win or get the applause or try to match what the other person is doing or do more.

Everyone brings something unique on the table and when we combine that and we compliment each other – that’s where the magic happens. This is how things start to flow effortlessly.

Doing great stuff is not about getting rewards or being applauded or doing as you are told. Yes, getting some kind of recognition is great, but you have to do it for the sake of doing it and because it’s the right thing to do.

You have to do it, because you feel good doing it, and when you love what we do, that’s all that matters.

Later in life when you look back, chances are you are going to regret about not doing what you truly wanted in yuor heart, because you were scared of people’s opinion.

It’s never too late to dream another dream or take that first step, but why wait till regrets hit us?.

Life is here and now, not later over there!

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