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Why even bother?!

I was told I was pretty stupid for the most part of my life Couldn’t get jokes couldn’t remember them either. At school I would just zone out staring out of windows or be restless Wanted to be by myself at break times In pubs couldn’t understand what people were saying, the noise of everything…

My ADHD theory

I was theorizing some stuff about ADHD today and i kept thinking about how this diagnosis is only possible in relation to what’s the acceptable norm in society. Eg. A kid who does not comply in school, because it feels and smells all the BS and nonsense, is called problematic and often diagnosed with ADHD…

Looking for inspiration?!

Yes?! Well go fucking find it within yourself! Don’t wait to see the next video of crippled girl/guy doing the things that you take for granted, so you can feel this “inspiration” to get yo ass up and do something. GO WITHIN! FIND YOUR OWN GOD DAMN INSPIRATION! Nobody is here to inspire YOU! Disabled…


I need time. It takes me time to understand things. It takes me time to make words. It takes me time to respond to things. Shortcuts and attempts to speed it up slow it down more. I literally walk faster than I run. My brain is the same way kind of. I get there. But…

“Socially Retarded”

I hear people use the term “socially retarded” quite a bit.. What exactly does this mean? Like, beyond being more inept at correctly managing social situations? Ever thought about why certain people are like this? Overcome with anxiety at the sheer thought of social interaction? We look at it as a bad condition to have……