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It’s already too late man….

I can’t fit in this reality of today’s life. I just can’t. This world is not suitable for people like me. Things have gotten way out of balance and those in control are pushing humanity towards self destruction. Problem is only few can see it and the action they take doesn’t make enough impact. And…

What happened to music?!

Like, really?! WTF?!! What is this modern pop mainstream bullshit music that is being pumped through every outlet possible these days? This is fucking cancer. Empty as fuck. Brain dead pointless repetitive lyrics and computerized melodies designed to mind control people. It’s disgusting. All these whores and “rappers” signing and dancing to absolute shit! Everyone…

Maybe we never left

When we are open and giving of our light, we create an endless reflection that outlives our human existence. By living our dreams we inspire others to chase theirs. By being creatively courageous and fearlessly fighting for what is right and true, we can inspire others to do the same. By being giving of our…

Why even bother?!

I was told I was pretty stupid for the most part of my life Couldn’t get jokes couldn’t remember them either. At school I would just zone out staring out of windows or be restless Wanted to be by myself at break times In pubs couldn’t understand what people were saying, the noise of everything…

My ADHD theory

I was theorizing some stuff about ADHD today and i kept thinking about how this diagnosis is only possible in relation to what’s the acceptable norm in society. Eg. A kid who does not comply in school, because it feels and smells all the BS and nonsense, is called problematic and often diagnosed with ADHD…