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how to escape the system

How to escape society’s system and live before you die

This post if probably going to be a little bit all over the place, but i want to put all this out so eventually someone seeking a way to get out will find these words and get a perspective.

You see, the so called system/matrix whatever you wanna call it that we live inside is some sort of people’s farm. It’s also a simulation!

You’ve probably heard not once some people like Elon Musk saying that he thinks we live in simulation and all this world is a computer simulation.

I don’t know about the world/earth itself, but humans and all this artificial concrete jungle 9-5 life – that’s 100% a simulation!

It’s anything but natural for humans to live this way and don’t give me that evolution bullshit, because this is forced on people and has nothing to do with evolution.

Evolution is not Iphone 6 to iPhone 7 and all this technological bullshit. Evolution is way more complex and it has nothing to do with machinery.

But that’s a whole other topic.

How to spot the mechanics of the system?

First of all you have to step out of ordinary life and observe. Only then you can start to see how complex and compartmentalized everything in this world is. How every fucking thing is planned and executed and how the people who rule this world are at least 30-40 years ahead in ideas about how they are going to reshape and reprogram the sheep that serve them a.k.a da people. US!

The whole programming of society is complex mechanism that aims at the captivation of the children’s brain as soon as possible. Once you take control of undeveloped brain you can navigate it however you want.

It’s easier to trick a 7 year old than to trick a 35 year old. That’s why you go to school so early. That’s where the whole programming and indoctrination starts.

This is where they crush your soul, your instincts, your individual way of understating and learning and they spoon feed you lies and nonsense that aims at turning you into obedient slave that 15 years down the line will end up in the conveyor belt just repeating mindless tasks over and over again for a dollar bill.

Few are the lucky ones who are able to see all this bullshit at early age and start to rebel and fight for their life and freedom by not obeying the superficial authorities that demand they do as told.

Of course nobody tells you any of this when you are a child because 99% of the time your parents are just doing what everybody else and even though they went through all this indoctrination they still force you to do it as well, knowing it’s a waste of time dead fucking end.

They don’t know better. Sadly you have to forgive them the fact that they were young and dumb and decided to pop you out while they themselves are still children.

So if you find yourself wondering what’s all this bullshit about. Well it’s about enslaving your mind and making sure you spend your life as another battery powering the broken ass system that depends on your energy.

How to get out of it?

Well you have to face the reality of what this whole thing is and decide not to participate. As much as this is possible. Even if that means leaving all people and social status and whatever behing.

It’s all worthless and pointless anyway. How’s any material thing or status gonna make you feel better than knowing that you freed yourself from this bondage?

What’s the point of being “social” with people who are so vested in the system that all they know is how to maintain status, lie and manipulate to get along and show how “successful” they are?

Success is just a word as it is happiness. It’s made up. It’s not real. It doesn’t matter. All lose is a gain and all gain is a loss.

There is no pursuit of happiness there is discovery of joy. Joy of being. Of doing what’s on your heart. Joy of feeling connected with nature and animals. Joy of understanding what life is and how you create the meaning of it.

All this success bullshit is based on competition. Who’s gonna take the trophy. Who’s the best..Who does more..Who’s gonna do anything to get money and fucking “fame”

People by nature’s default want to cooperate and work together for survival not fight and stab each other in the back.

But the system is build to make heroes and victims. That’s why you have all these staged mass shootings and wars and all kind of brutal nonsense going on.

They create a problem then send you a savior to vote for to save you with the solution. They give you false hope that someone within the system is fighting the system and positive change is on the way.

That’s illusion. The system is designed to be broken by default and those who run it will never allow a good guy to last too long to give people too much hope. It’s just peanuts to get your vote.

To prove once again that you will never ever realize that the only change you can make in this world is changing your god damn self and your behavior and thinking.

Can you imagine if 5 billion people realize they have all the power to shut the system down just by refusing to participate in it? How else you think few decide the faith of billions?

By keeping them in this illusion called society. A mere simulation of life. A lie!

That’s why they say the truth hurts, because once you face it you see how good it feels to be ignorant and live the sugar coated lies. To be “optimistic” about happy ends and positive change and all that bullshit.

Look at the native people who still live in the jungle bare naked the way they were born. They have non of what we have and they still live happy lifes and some last as long as 90 years just living under the stars.

They stick together. They help and care for each other. There is no competition. There is no hate or shame or whatever. They live with the nature and respect it because it provides for them.

And what we do? DESTROY! Everything that comes in the way of modern man. He destroys. And in the process he destroys himself as well.

Now with the increased level of control and indoctrination people are as fucked as they’ve ever been.

Divorce rates up. Depression levels at all time high. Suicide levels at all time high. Why do you think is this?

Take some time to look around and see how the dots connect. See it all for what it is and at least try to do your best to not participate as much as you can.

Do not obey authority. Connect with yourself and the internal wisdom you posses. It’s all there in your heart!

You just have to stop listening to other people and the establishment. You have to live on your own terms on your own values.

You need to connect with your abilities of empathy and raise your moral standards because this is the right thing to do.

Most wont understand you. They will mock you and call you crazy and whatever, because they are taught to be afraid of the unknown. Of themselves. Because they forgot who they are, and allowed someone else to tell them and define who they are and what they do, and where they go, and what and when they say.

Just strive to do things that matter to you and do not harm others and nature as much as you can.

You can do that. And you can find a better more meaningful and peaceful way to live life and enjoy it without competing and destroying yourself and the very nature that keeps you alive.

You are still going to live in the same world, but you will see it all in a new way and it wont be the same as before. It can’t be.

The truth sets you free and will allow you to go deeper in the rabbit hole where you can learn more about yourself and your true nature and capabilities.

Just take some time off. Observe. Do some research. Meditate. Show some love to stray animal. Buy less stuff. Eat simple natural food. Drink more water. Get some good sleep.

Draw something. Write something. Listen to some good music!

Find a way to live before you die! Pay it forward! Do something that matters and will outlive you.

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